How to write your source provider for class in Netbeans

I’ve been recently writing plugin for Netbeans IDE that should return source from some custom place when you do Ctrl+click or Go-to type for class that source could not be found.

It took me some time to find this out, but stuff is pretty easy in 6.8 and above.

  • First you need to implement BinaryElementOpen and declare service provider for BinaryElementOpen.class.
    It’s quite simple if you use annotations, no ugly layer.xml needed:):

    @org.openide.util.lookup.ServiceProvider(service =, position = 20)
    public class GrokElementOpen implements BinaryElementOpen {...

    position attribute is used to choose which provider should be executed first (yours go first if you give it 0 and last if you give it some large number).

  • Next you implement open method. And here is some ugly hack I have used to quickly get class that has to be found:
    public boolean open(ClasspathInfo cpInfo, ElementHandle<? extends Element> toOpen) {
     //XXX: UGLY HACK, find some api that will get class name for field, etc (getQualifiedName fails for something else then classes)
                Field sigFields = toOpen.getClass().getDeclaredField("signatures");
                String[] signatures = (String[]) sigFields.get(toOpen);
                if (signatures != null && signatures.length > 0) {
                    String className = signatures[0];
                    //XXX: End of UGLY HACK

    Simply couldn’t find something nice to do this, and i needed class name.

  • All you have to do next is open file on line that contains stuff user clicked:
    File savedFile= new File(savedIn, name);
    FileObject dataFile = FileUtil.createData(savedFile);, toOpen);
  • And return true if you succeeded or false otherwise (so Netbeans infrastructure keeps searching).

That’s all. Compile, create NBM and you’re done. Here is your custom source provider.


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