Netbeans source files license header by project

In case you’ve never found this Geertjan’s post Project-Level License Settings in NetBeans IDE 6.0. There is some extreamly useful project specific license feature in Netbeans that really makes life easier when you swap projects often, and each is made for different customer with different license. Here’s what you have to do to make Netbeans fill source files header for you:

First, go to Tools/Templates and add new License template:

What’s strange is that when you click add, you have to select some text file. It will be copied to Netbeans configuration directory. Let’s make it an empty text file. It has to be named license-*.txt. What you put in place of * will be the license name.

Then click Open in editor and type your license header content:

<#if licenseFirst??>
${licensePrefix}Copyright (C) ${date?date?string("yyyy")} Bond, James Bond
${licensePrefix}This is for your eyes only!
${licensePrefix}Destroy after reading!
<#if licenseLast??>

${licenseFirst}, ${licensePrefix} and ${licenseLast} will be substituted with comment characters of language current file is in (/* * */ – in C++/Java).
${date?date?string("yyyy")} will be changed to actual year.

You can find some more examples in other license templates you’ve got from Netbeans team on install. Just open them in editor.

Then let’s configure our project to use this new license:
What you need to do is edit nbproject/ file and add line like:
and reopen the project and you’re done. Netbeans will automatically include your license header in every new file you create. Here’s what I’ve got:

Java source:

 * Copyright (C) 2011 Bond, James Bond
 * This is for your eyes only!
 * Destroy after reading!
package bondproject;

public class James {


Properties file:

# Copyright (C) 2011 Bond, James Bond
# This is for your eyes only!
# Destroy after reading!


…and so on.


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