InfoShare 2011 conference

Been on technical track of InfoShare conference last Friday. Mostly to attend Adam Bien presentation and workshop. All the conference talks were great, but what I need to say is that Adam presentations are something you can’t miss. 100% Java and no marketing bullshit as someone said :). It was just that. No slides, no off topic, just code. You could ask whatever you were interested in regarding J2EE and Adam was ready to answer. Not on next Friday, but here and now. He’s a real pro and if you have an opportunity to meet him on some workshop, then you really have to go. I was driving for 5 hours for this conference and it was worth it.
So once again big thank you to Adam.

Now some less important things. Here’s how badge looked like:

And here’s what you can do from it using 3 year old child and sea shells from Gdańsk:

You can also reuse cup boxes using the same child and same sea shells from Gdańsk:

Both will probably also require a great wife with a lot of ideas (as it was in my case) 🙂

See you again in 2012 InfoShare.


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