Web app with h2 console to access your database via browser

Here’s a simple war file that deploys H2 database web console along with h2, postgresql and mysql drivers on your web container.

You can access it by simply going to /h2console url and manage your database remotely only with your browser.

No dependencies and no manual steps required, simply deploy and connect to your database.

It’s based on configuration from JBoss quickstart, I’ve only added h2 and other db jars, so it’s ready to be used in any web app container.

Here’s a download link: h2console.war


Why NetBeans is awesome. Part 2: Intelligent Java code completion

Welcome to another part of “Why NetBeans is awesome” series. What I’d like to show you today is how does NetBeans smart code completion work. Let’s look at this simple example:
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Force Outlook to check if subject is set before sending message

Did you ever forgot to set subject when sending email? Finally found solution today:

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